CFW 2014: Candy Colours and Patterns from Designer Barry Moncrieffe


Veteran Jamaican Designer, Barry Moncrieffe, showed a collection of candy-coloured designs in polka dots and stripes on Saturday as a headlining designer to Juliette Dyke’s Julan collection. Combining bows with bouffant hats, the “Moncrieffe” collection varied in style, with a stronger inclination for more mature styles in knee length skirts and matching blazers, maxi dresses… Read more »

CFW 2014: Afrocentric Bohemia from British Designer Alicia Mullings


One of our favourite collections from CFW weekend came from British designer Alicia Mullings who’s afrocentric mens and womenswear utilized imagery of the Jamaican intellectual Marcus Garvey, Ethiopian queens and black superhero personas.  The collection’s theme was creatively orchestrated using two-piece dress sets in midi-lengths, wide-mouthed pants and skirts with brimmed hats, men’s tunics and… Read more »

Style Selec’tings: Looks Fit For a New York Fashion Week


Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” we scour the web for the week’s best in clothing and accessories from Jamaican stores and designers. This week’s column explores the terrain of international fashion week styles, because in case you haven’t noticed, the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion week season has begun in the netherworlds of New York,… Read more »

Mission Catwalk Finale Reveals Its Winner!


Mission Catwalk screened its final episode this last Saturday giving us the final collections from Renardo Lloyd, Theodore Elyett and David Rolle, the remaining contestants. The collections were all very well orchestrated but it was season favorite Theodore Elyett who took home the winning title for his collection of polka-dots, stripes and embroidered prints in… Read more »