Insta-Hit: Carnival Craze in the Streets of Kingston


It’s no mystery why Instagram has become a huge part of our social media lifestyle (follow us at @kingstonstyle and we’ll hit you back). Afterall, we are a website that takes pride in showing the best in Jamaica’s street fashion through photography. As you could imagine we also have our own fascination with following Jamaica’s… Read more »

Dancin’ Digs: New Slow/Fast Tracks That’ll Revive You

New digs to dance to.

For our third edition of “Dancin’ Digs” we “dig” deeper into the “remix” and the “collaboration” track. Even though it wasn’t exactly intentional, we couldn’t ignore the reoccurring theme. We saw some gems in these collaborative works and compiled five new songs for you to dance to– slow or fast– sourced straight from the bloglines… Read more »