Art // Fashion: The Canopy Guild Final Exhibition at NLS


Last Friday was the debut of the Canopy Guild project, a collaborative group exhibition from NLS artist-in-residence Rodell Warner. Contributors Afifa Aza, Ai Yoshida, Ayana Riviere, Di-Andre C. Davis, Leasho Johnson and Storm Saulter utilized Warner’s digital patterns created from nature photographs to create pieces in their own medium. Thanks to these images courtesy of… Read more »

On the Mood Board: An Iridescent Glimmer for Spring

Iridescent Glimmer

The Spring season is an extraordinary opportunity for growth and change. For which you shed your Winter baggage and you emerge like a caterpillar from its cocoon, into a magnificent butterfly. While here in the Caribbean we don’t exactly have a dramatic change in weather to compliment this metamorphosis– it goes from warm to warmer–… Read more »

Style Selec’tings: Five Local Looks to Love This Weekend


Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” Kingstonstyle’s Fashion Editor, E. Hansen-McKnight, scours the web to give you the week’s best in clothing and accessories from web-savvy Jamaican stores and designers. Today on Style Selec’tings I picked five local looks that will carry you though a weekend of club hopping, beach going and backyard chilling…. Read more »

Insta-Hit: Carnival Craze in the Streets of Kingston


It’s no mystery why Instagram has become a huge part of our social media lifestyle (follow us at @kingstonstyle and we’ll hit you back). Afterall, we are a website that takes pride in showing the best in Jamaica’s street fashion through photography. As you could imagine we also have our own fascination with following Jamaica’s… Read more »