CFW 2014: Night Two Lost, A Silver Lining Found

Nile Saulter

After a whirlwind of fashion shows this last month we’re finally ready to close another chapter on Caribbean Fashion Week. Unfortunately finishing up coverage came with much disappointment as we experienced a huge upset last week when we discovered that KS photographer Marlon Reid’s computer received a virus, thus erasing all of our images from… Read more »

CFW 2014: Candy Colours and Patterns from Designer Barry Moncrieffe


Veteran Jamaican Designer, Barry Moncrieffe, showed a collection of candy-coloured designs in polka dots and stripes on Saturday as a headlining designer to Juliette Dyke’s Julan collection. Combining bows with bouffant hats, the “Moncrieffe” collection varied in style, with a stronger inclination for more mature styles in knee length skirts and matching blazers, maxi dresses… Read more »

CFW 2014: Princess Leia Style Swimwear for Yiannis Koveos


Canadian designer Yiannis Koveos explored the female body for his “Yannis K Couture” collection of swimwear. Using a hard form shell to cover the breast and bottoms, the collection evoked Princess Leila in Return of the Jedi. Likely uncomfortable and awkwardly tailored, the swimwear may be best left to the professionals in the film industry.

CFW 2014: Emerging Designer of the Year Yvonne Jewnell


American designer Yvonne Jewnell is only seventeen but has lofty design goals and while her collection of drop waisted pants and asymmetrical shirt dresses was not particularly our cup of tea it grained her the award fro CFW 2014 “emerging designer of the year”. The young designer used an eclectic collection of painted prints and… Read more »