CFW 2014: Night Two Lost, A Silver Lining Found

Nile Saulter

After a whirlwind of fashion shows this last month we’re finally ready to close another chapter on Caribbean Fashion Week. Unfortunately finishing up coverage came with much disappointment as we experienced a huge upset last week when we discovered that KS photographer Marlon Reid’s computer received a virus, thus erasing all of our images from… Read more »

On the Radar: Desert Swim 2014 by Yahdie Conscious


The Yahdie Conscious swimwear collection, Desert Swim, is back with a merciless vengeance for Summer 2014! For its sophomore collection, designer James Black honed in on sultry styles in simple solid colours, mesh materials and ganja print. We recently spoke with Ms. Black about her new swimwear for Summer and she told us it was inspired by… Read more »

CFW 2014: Eighties Funk from WETswim by Denyque


One of the most well received collections from Caribbean Fashion Week was the funky eighties inspired swimwear line WETswim from songstress Denyque. The collection contained a vivid assortment of bright colours with sharp edges that revealed maximum curvature on a woman’s body. Likely not the swimwear collection for your mother or auntie–unless they’re into bootcamp…. Read more »

CFW 2014: Candy Colours and Patterns from Designer Barry Moncrieffe


Veteran Jamaican Designer, Barry Moncrieffe, showed a collection of candy-coloured designs in polka dots and stripes on Saturday as a headlining designer to Juliette Dyke’s Julan collection. Combining bows with bouffant hats, the “Moncrieffe” collection varied in style, with a stronger inclination for more mature styles in knee length skirts and matching blazers, maxi dresses… Read more »

On The Radar: Four Makeup Looks to Try This Summer


 Summer has arrived, ultimately making makeup application a difficult albeit sweaty task. Just when we’re ready to throw in the towel and bare our naked faces to the world, makeup artist and fashion journalist Tameka “Tsansai” Coley saves the day with a few summer makeup must-dos. Follow these few tips to keep your skin looking… Read more »