On Trend: The Hair “Scrunchie” Makes a Comeback

(L) The sleek top-pony scrunchie (R) the messier half-pony scrunchie.

(L) The sleek top-pony scrunchie (R) the messier half-pony scrunchie at Rag & Bone.

Yes, the scrunchie is our current trend of choice. That throwback to the late eighties and early nineties that you thought would never return to the forefront of fashion. Well, you’re right, it is definitely not a style for those that play it safe, although it did have a red carpet moment on Selena Gomez last year.  The scrunchie has been bubbling up from the fringes of fashion for a while now since its first appearance in the s/s 2010 Marc Jacobs collection and reemergence in London for the s/s 2013 Ashish collection.

While Londoners took to the style swiftly, the fashion trend had a more languid trip across the Atlantic to American and Caribbean fashion audiences. Most recently New York label Rag & Bone cozied up to the style for their pre-fall 2014 collection, model Cara Delevingne was spotted wearing one and even an instagram profile by the name of Scrunchiesofinstagram popped up. Retailer’s large and small are carrying them in various sizes, colours and textures. From Alexis Mabille’s fur scrunchie to Nasty Gal’s iridescent one, there are plenty to choose from.

How to wear them is altogether another aspect to this simple hair tie. While we prefer the clean, swept-up ponytail or top bun for our scrunchies, the options are diverse and varied. Stylist Savannah Baker used a patriotic set of scrunchies on pigtail ponytails for her Suitcase Magazine cover, and Rag & Bone optimized bang fringe with a half-top-bun pulled together with a scrunchie. You can stack on the voluminous scrunchies or go mild with a slim fitted scrunchie that’ll give you height. The most important tip we can give you is to keep it modern and, as we say with all our fashion risks, wear it with confidence.

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