On the Radar: Desert Swim 2014 by Yahdie Conscious


The Yahdie Conscious swimwear collection, Desert Swim, is back with a merciless vengeance for Summer 2014! For its sophomore collection, designer James Black honed in on sultry styles in simple solid colours, mesh materials and ganja print. We recently spoke with Ms. Black about her new swimwear for Summer and she told us it was inspired by the wanderlust traveler who arrives in Jamaica looking to conquer the beach in style. “For my swimsuits, I was inspired so much by, as usual, Jamaica,” Ms. Black explained. “But it’s kind of like, if someone came to Jamaica…a cool chick…what would she be wearing?” The result is a collection of sexy yet funky swim pieces that hug the curves of your hips and dip dangerously down the bust line: just the right fit for a true adventurer.

beige sylvia kingstonstyle_octopussy Kingstonstyle_mayday

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