Dancin’ Digs: Toian Expounds on Her Love for “Rude Boys”

Reggae Artiste Toian

Reggae Artiste Toian

The voice of Montego Bay-born reggae artist, Toian, is a lot like a Caribbean summer: both languid and syrupy. Her recent single “Rude Boys”– a testament to her ill-advised love for the fast life– has a new slick music video that is polished and clean. “Rude Boys” is already making the rounds on MTVJams and simultaneously filling our hearts with adoration for the swaying beat. The video also shares some crisp styling . Toian’s playful combination of a “rude” skull cap with a Boy London top and classic Timberland’s is a gentle nod to the past with a clever modern twist. Peep the full video to get your fill of flip-up sunglasses, bike back scenes and cropped mesh marinas.

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