CFW 2014: Night Two Lost, A Silver Lining Found

Nile Saulter

Nile Saulter

After a whirlwind of fashion shows this last month we’re finally ready to close another chapter on Caribbean Fashion Week. Unfortunately finishing up coverage came with much disappointment as we experienced a huge upset last week when we discovered that KS photographer Marlon Reid’s computer received a virus, thus erasing all of our images from Caribbean Fashion Week night two. If you just gasped a little, multiply that by a hundred and you’ll feel the disappointment we felt in losing hundreds of images.

The silver lining amidst this sad, sad quandary is that we shared some images with our friends over at who posted our images along with their coverage from the fashion trenches by occasional Kingstonstyle fashion correspondent, Tami Tsansai. We also were able to salvaged a few streetstyle images from the event. While we’d love to share the night’s best designers, we’ll have to make do with what we have.

Night two of Caribbean Fashion Week showcased designers like the eighties style swimwear of WETswim by Denyque, the football themed collection from Suzilee Chambers from Leeaan Designz, a mature collection by New York based designer Hope Wade in brown linens and voluminous shapes and the sportswear inspired collection of Mimi Pesic for Everblazing. Perhaps the strongest collections of the night came from those whom we had the highest expectations for: Trini veteran designer Meiling, child of Marley, Cedalla Marley presented by her sister Karen Marley and the Cloth by Trini Mark Eastman.

Meiling is an expert in simplicity with an attention to detail, while Karen Marley’s presentation for Marley by Cedella Marley was funky with a focus on the iconic. The Cloth collection was both colourful and playful, utilizing giant palm fronds as a runway accessory. There is a more complicated texture and style to the designers that show at CFW. They play with structure and form and the patterns are usually more unique. But this year the quality and the preoccupation with the online store was lost at the indoor sports arena where the bleachers were fairly empty and the runway seats consisted of a small community of fashion bloggers, writers, photographers, designers and fashion lovers.

The lack of attendance could be attributed to a number of things but in particular the artistes this year, while excellent artistes, didn’t have much of a draw. Additionally, while there were a ton of Trini designers on the bill this year, the Jamaicans were lacking, bringing out very few supporters in the larger Jamaican demographic. We’ll be looking forward to the next fashion event at Collection Moda later this year, where designers like Flowerchild 1999 by Kaysian Bourke and Jae Jolly by Janel Jolly will be showing their latest collections. We’re in high hopes that the event will bring out more people who want to build the community in the Caribbean, where there are so many talented people.


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