Dancin’ Digs: Five Tracks from Artistes We’d Love to Hear on the CFW Runway

Dancin' Digs: Sampha, La Roux, Banks, Freddie Gibbs.

Dancin’ Digs: Sampha, La Roux, Banks, Freddie Gibbs.

There is a symbiotic relationship between music and fashion that can be seen and experienced in multiple mediums but the runway soundtrack is a particularly special one. A soundtrack at a fashion show can set the entire mood of a collection before you even see the first design touch the runway. The songs or songs played help articulate the sensuality of the clothes or can inversely portray the roughness that they intend to display. This week we’ve chosen new tracks and music videos from artistes that we’d envision hearing on the CFW runway. So sit back, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, “Deeper”– Freddie Gibbs is rough around the edges in a way that most rappers only pretend to be and his lyricism whole heartedly embraces it. A track like “Deeper” may be startling to hear on a runway but with a collection with its own mix of street and edge, it would fit like a studded glove.


Banks, “Drowning”– With a dark and sometimes wavering voice, Banks is a beautiful demonstration of raw seduction mixed with sadness. We imagine her tracks playing on a runway of modern creations in voluminous shapes.


Sbtrkt ft Sampha, “Temporary View”– This Sbtrkt song feels so London to us and for that reason we just envision a collection of funky prints mixed and matched with oxfords and top buns: a city girl on a Sunday stroll.


Lana Del Rey, “Brooklyn Girl” Much like the artist herself, Lana Del Rey’s music sounds like it’s borrowed from a different era. This track is perfect for a bohemian collection of bright dusters accented with big hair and heavy eyeliner.


La Roux, “Tropical Chancer”- This rhythmic “Tropical Chancer” is a great dance track with a bouncy lightness to it. A designer with an eye for eighties Americana in pop art sweater tops and asymmetrical haircuts would mash this song up on the runway.

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