Weekly Style: Better Mus’ Come on BBC, Anime at the National Gallery, the Met Gala and More!

Charles James at the Met Gala, Sensantori Resort Negril and Better Mus' Come

Charles James at the Met Gala, Sensatori Resort Negril and Better Mus’ Come

Get in the know! Every week we bring you the Weekly Style, giving you the latest in fashion and style news from around the globe and from style savvy Jamaicans at home and abroad. This week on Weekly Style:

– In our continuing coverage of Caribbean fashion week in and around Jamaica, the most recent update comes from Saint Style Week, who shared their style schedule of events.

– Great news for Jamaican film maker Storm Saulter. The young director’s film Better Mus’ Come starring Sheldon Sheperd and Nicole Sky Grey is set to air on the BBC May 9th. It will be the first time a Jamaican film has been licensed to air on the British channel in 50 years.

– In conjunction with the Embassy of Japan and in celebration of 50 years of Jamaican-Japanese diplomatic relations, the National Gallery of Jamaica will be presenting the JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters exhibit. Opening this Sunday, the exhibition explores popular Japanese character culture of anime and mange and will feature a performance from the JA Cosplayaz.  

Jamaica Sensatori opened last weekend and some kind of three dimensional water show took place. Um, yeah. Watch the video.

– It’s a big night for the bigwigs in New York’s fashion microcosm. If you don’t already know about the Met Gala, then get familiarized on this years Charles James perspective. If you do know what it is, than you’re probably waiting in anticipation to see if Kim K will out do her couch ensemble from last year.


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