On the Radar: Kenzo’s Spring 2014 Fashion Film References Jamaican Style

The effortlessly cool Kenzo label released a short film last week for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection of interchangeable separates and dresses in sea patterns, fish motifs and environmental slogans saying “No Fish.” While most likely ignorant to that term widely used in Jamaican culture, the reference is suggestive of the designer’s concerns for over fishing in our oceans. Curiously, the video had a Jamaican undertone to it. While the film is described by the production company, Pulse Films, as “a fragmented and surrealistic collection of images meditating on the sensory experiences of Los Angeles,” it seems to secretly harbor a love for the Caribbean.

The short film was directed by L.A. based Indian-American filmmaker Kahlil Joseph, who uses a sensory approach to film. In the Kenzo film, “Dawn in Luxor,” Joseph continues this theme, focusing less on a structured storyline and more on fluidity to guide the film. He uses references along the way about environmental degradation and a secret truth about the sea to connect with the visuals for Kenzo’s Spring/Summer collection theme. Much like Joseph’s previous works with Shabazz Palaces or Flying Lotus, the filmmaker does an excellent job of creating a mood in line with the artist’s vision.

A sill frame from "Dawn on Luxor"

A sill frame from “Dawn in Luxor”

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