Insta-Hit: A Few Fashion Risks You Should Borrow from Local Fashionistas

Vintage Aline skirts on Toya Taylor

The Look: A vintage a-line skirt on Toya Taylor

It’s no mystery why Instagram has become a huge part of our social media lifestyle (follow us at @kingstonstyle and we’ll hit you back). Afterall, we are a website that takes pride in showing the best in Jamaica’s street fashion through photography. As you could imagine we also have our own fascination with following Jamaica’s fashion elite, musically inclined, production movers and shakers, retail kings and queens and other fabulous bloggers. Every week we bring you our favourites with “Insta-Hit.” This week on Insta-Hit we looked at the various well-executed style risks from our local ladies of fashion and pondered on ways to borrow their style cues for style expansion in our own wardrobe.

A fashion risk can be a tricky thing. It can come across as a great success and really stick in the minds of viewers, or it can fall flat and remind people that no matter how cool an 80’s floral print is, it can make a twenty something look like a Grandma in an instant if it’s done with cavalier. One of the best places to find inspiration for our fashion risks is on Instagram because of the amazing capacity for hashtag searches (#rawdenim #flowercrowns #fashioneditorial) and each time we get inspired by these visual aids we mark them in our list of possible ensembles and scenarios in which we wear them.

Luckily Jamaica is a place overflowing with creativity and beauty, so you don’t have to look far for inspiration from your environs, but if you wanted to get the dish on local fashionistas who are taking risks with their wardrobes than you have some pretty impressive options from your cohabiters: just peep their Instagram pages. We shared a few of our most recent favourites (although we really love so many of you all) and the ways in which they took a leap of faith with their look.

James Black in a daring slit.

The Look: A daring slit from a velvet midi skirt on James Black.

Natasha Leeds in a hair wrap/turban.

The Look: A hair wrap/turban with height on Natasha Leeds.

Monique Robb in a wicker hat.

The Look: A classic country wicker hat on Monique Robb.

Vintage high-waisted swimwear on Taja Francis.

The Look: A Vintage high-waisted swimsuit on Taja Francis.

Vintage leopard cape top on Tia.

The Look: A vintage leopard cape top on Tia (also useful for a swim coverup)

Slim fitting overalls on

The Look: Slim fitting overalls on Toni.

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