Easy Street: Seven Retro White Lows for Summer


(Top) Adidas Superstar 2 White (Bottom) Nike Air Force 1 Low White

Kingstonstyle has always had its fair share of male viewers– what guy doesn’t love looking at beautiful Jamaican ladies sporting their best wares?– but we haven’t always been able to cater to their stylish needs. Needless to say, Jamaican men are some of the most stylish and creative in the world and we-say-that-with-no-hesitation. That’s why we turned to journalist, guy of good garments and film production extraordinaire,  Matthew McKnight, for a little menswear advice and more.

Summer is almost here and everyone knows that you need colour in your life this season. However, too much color can throw off your look.

The retro white style is back! This summer you’ll need something casual yet trendy that you can wear virtually any and everywhere- including with all your day time looks. Keep it short. The retro white low looks best with knee high shorts (girls, a short skirt) or cut off jeans.

Nothing says clean like white on white. Soften your day time outfit with casual classics like the Air Force One or the Chuck Taylor. Whichever you choose, you’ll make a clean and trendy statement this summer.

Keep it Clean. “I don’t buy white cuz I hate when it look dutty” or “a who ago clean dat?” Immediate light application of cake soap (blue bomber) with a soft bristle tooth brush to soiled areas will solve that. Here are my top 7 picks, in no particular order, based on availability, comfort, style and affordability.


Reebok Classic Leather White

Nike Airforce

Nike Air Force 1 Low White


Adidas Gazelle OG Leather White


Pony Premium Top Star Empire Sneaker White

Adidas White star

Adidas Superstar 2 White


Fred Perry Hayes Unlined Leather Shoe


Converse Chuck Taylor White Low

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