Dancin’ Digs: Speculating on Dancehall’s Summer Anthems & an Inspiring Bob Marley Cover



This week’s edition of “Dancin’ Digs” shovels its way through the latest Dancehall tracks and speculates their Summer anthem qualities. So sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights from the songs we sourced straight from the bloglines/Youtube pages we love and delivered to you for a little mid-week upliftment. As we always say, shake those mid-week blues right off and get to work with a little swagger in your step.

Popcaan, “Love Yah Bad”
The second single off the forthcoming Dre Skull produced album from Dre Skull is just as perfectly produced and well calculated as the first release, “Everything Nice” but with a little more pep in its step and less of a syrupy ballad. This album is already at the top of our list as a guaranteed success for Popcaan, purely based on the tracks we’ve heard so far and Popcaan’s international likability.

Vybz Kartel, “Miami Vice”
In the years since Vybz Kartel’s incarceration and sentencing, the hits have never stopped coming from the prolific Dancehall artiste. As an artiste, Kartel held the winning title for Summer anthems many years in a row and is likely the greatest Summer anthem creator in Dancehall in the last ten years. Since his sentencing, there has been much speculation as to whether the music will come to a screeching halt for him and yet, here comes “Miami Vice”, a simple Pop music song inna Dancehall vibe.

Demarco, “Nice Nuh Bomboclaat”
After Demarco’s extreme slackness in the video for “Ride”, we were a little confused about which direction he’d head next. But in “Nice Nuh Bomboclaat” Demarco returns to his sing-songy style (more like “I Love My Life” and less like “Ride”). The playful bouncing drum beat from SocialYaad and clever wording of “Bomboclaat” might solidify Demarco a spot on the Summer anthem roster.

Alkaline, “Everyday”
Alkaline’s popularity doesn’t seem to be wanning anytime soon so we expected something from the artiste for Summer. The newly released track “Everyday” is a slightly more “G” rated song than we are used to from the young artiste but still retains some of the Alkaline shock value. Stock full of wordplay and tid-bits of slackness but in a more uplifting beat, “Everyday” may be the first in a slew of Summer anthems from a complex artiste that can juxtapose both eye tattoos and charity donations in one sentence.

Keith Richards, “Words of Wonder / Get Up Stand Up (Bob Marley Cover)”
From one Summer anthem specialist to another, this Keith Richard’s cover of Bob Marley’s song “Get Up Standup” is just incredibly inspiring and fun to watch.

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