Art // Fashion: The Canopy Guild Final Exhibition at NLS


(L) A designed piece from Ai Yoshida for Canopy Guild, (R) The creator of the photographic pattern and artist in residence, Rodell Warner with designer Charl Baker. Images courtesy of NLS.

Last Friday was the debut of the Canopy Guild project, a collaborative group exhibition from NLS artist-in-residence Rodell Warner. Contributors Afifa Aza, Ai Yoshida, Ayana Riviere, Di-Andre C. Davis, Leasho Johnson and Storm Saulter utilized Warner’s digital patterns created from nature photographs to create pieces in their own medium. Thanks to these images courtesy of NLS we are able to share the end result: a collection of video, graphic and tailored art manifested in various eccentric ways from Warner’s nature images.


(L) Ayana Riviére in her own design (R) Riviére’s design for Canopy Guild.


Di-Andre C. Davis’ projected piece for Canopy Guild


Video for Canopy Guild by Storm Saulter


Leasho Johnson piece for Canopy Guild.


Ai Yoshida prepping her design for Canopy Guild

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