Kingstonstyle TV: New Capsule Collection “Bagnpagne” by Sezi

The unveiling of Sezi’s new West-African inspired capsule collection, Bagnpagne, last Friday at Red Bones was greeted with much love and admiration from local fashionistas and Kingstonstyle was overjoyed to see the blossoming new designer in her element. We had been patiently awaiting the arrival of her debut collection since she she returned from her travels and so we sat down with the artiste at her home in Kingston, prior to its debut, to chat about her four month stay in the small West African country of Burkina Faso, how the materials were sourced, her creative process and her collection. Lucky for us she also shared a sneak preview of the Bagnpagne collection before it hit the rolling rack, talking with us about the tailored styles and the multi-faceted ways of wearing them. Kingstonstyle TV was on location to shoot the pieces and talk with the designer in the warmth and glow of Sezi’s sunny apartment.


Sezi at home in her collection.

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