DIY Guide: Make Your Own Upholstered Clutch Bag

DIY Guide:

DIY Guide: Upholstered Clutch Bag

In our continuing column, DIY Guide, we bring you a little Do-It-Yourself fashion on the fly. After all, it’s not everyday that you can acquire a new outfit, so why not invent one. This week our guest contributor Monique Robb, from DIY group Leathered Jeans, gives us a new look in the craftiest of ways with her DIY Upholstered Clutch Bag. 

I’ve always been intrigued by the endless possibilities upholstery fabric brings. These thick, malleable materials are easy to sew, yet sturdy enough to hold weight and last for years. That’s why it’s the perfect material to make your very own DIY upholstered clutch bag. You can source various types of upholstery fabric at local fabric stores at affordable prices and add a little printed fabric for a touch of flair. Below are the supplies you’ll need to get your project started:

• ¼ yard of upholstery fabric

• A pair of scissors

• Ruler

• A marking tool

• Magnetic claps/ Velcro

• Hot glue gun

• Sewing machine/needle and thread

• Optional: an additional piece of printed fabric

Supplies you'll need.

Supplies you’ll need.

Step 1.) Measure out the fabric. Using your ruler, measure the upholstery fabric and mark out the following dimensions: 18 inches for the length, 9 inches for the base, 7 inches for each side of the flap.

Clutch measurements.

Clutch measurements.

Step 2.) Sew the sides together. Using your sewing machine/needle and thread, fold the clutch inside out and sew the sides together so that the body of the bag measures 8 inches in length.

Sew along these edges.

Sew along these edges.

Step 3.) Add some flair. This step is of course optional but adds a nice accent to the clutch. Make bias tape by cutting 2 pieces of fabric at least 3 inches wide and 7 inches long. Iron flat both ends of each piece of fabric inwards and finally; make a crease along the middle of each piece of fabric. Sew the bias tape along each side of your flap.

Iron the fabric flat.

Iron the fabric flat.

Sew in the fabric.

Sew in the fabric.

Step 4.) Add the finishing touches. Use a hot glue gun to attach one of your magnetic clasps to the peak of the flap, while using the prongs to secure the other clasp unto the body of the bag. Voilá! Your clutch is complete in four easy steps.


Add the clasps.

The final result!

The final result!

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