Dancin’ Digs: Stylish and Artistic New Videos from Ninjaman, Kelis and More!

Dancin' Digs: Ninjaman, Tinashe

Dancin’ Digs: Ninjaman, Tinashe

This week’s edition of “Dancin’ Digs” is a mish-mash of dancehall, hip-hop, electronic music and R&B. We had a heavy influx of visually intriguing music videos this week and a catchy new track from Jillionaire’s new label Feel Up Records.  So sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights from the songs we sourced straight from the bloglines we love and delivered to you for a little mid-week Thursday morning upliftment. As we say, shake those mid-week blues right off and get to work with a little swagger in your step.

Ninjaman “Jamaica Town”

We particularly like this DownSound produced track for Ninjaman because of the modernity of its pared down, heavy bass drum sound with a heavy focus on Ninjaman’s lyrical vision of Jamaica. Ninjaman’s style breaths life into the beat and his personal style breaths eccentricity into the video.


Tinashe, “2 On (Feat. Schoolboy Q)” 

We shared this track with you a couple weeks back from the charismatic Los Angeles-based singer Tinashe and her local counterpart, hip hop artiste Schoolboy Q. Tinashe released a video for the track in which she showcases her funky style, throws cake and playfully dances with her girls. We see a diva in the making.


Kelis, “Rumble”

We’re liking the new tracks slow cooking on the soon-to-be-served Kelis album Food. All food word play aside, the seasoned (whoops) songstress released the video for “Rumble” last week, in which she takes her thrown center lake as musical fisherman serenade her.

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Holger, “Pedro”

We discovered this track from refreshing new Brooklyn-based record label, Feel Up Records, a project developed by Major Lazer’s resident producer Jillionaire. We don’t know much about Brazilian group Holger, but we love the happy beat of this Teleseen produced track entitled “Pedro.”


Flume, “Space Cadet ft. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut”

An odd mix of characters, these three, but “Space Cadet” is a lively electronic track from Flume that infuses Ghostface Killah’s lyrical prowess with the pop cadence of Autre Ne Veut. We particularly like the characterization of each artist in cartoon form from Creative Director Jay Howell, who’s character design style you may recognize from Bob’s Burgers.

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