Style Selec’tings: Spring Styles to Fit Your Personal Look


Bold and Funky prints (L- Grandeur Femme, R- Coochi-Anna)

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” Kingstonstyle’s Fashion Editor, E. Hansen-McKnight, scours the web to give you the week’s best in clothing and accessories from web-savvy Jamaican stores and designers.

After what began as a short New Years hiatus from our Style Select’ings column quickly snowballed into a 2 month stretch, making this my first post for 2014. I thought no better time to reunite myself with local garb then the eve of March, when Spring cleaning pushes out the old and makes room for the new. Let us not fool ourselves though, there will always be room made for the new even when my dressers are over flowing and my hangers are serving double duty. Keep in mind that those pieces that you may have tired of may still find a necessity in another’s hands– the lightly worn items that almost every week you stare at in your closet, hold up to yourself before putting them back, resigned to try again another day. It’s ok, sometimes clothes defeat our sensibilities at the store, only to discover later that they don’t fit our character none at all. But I digress, those clothes may find a place for themselves still at Jamaica Red Cross or your favourite local charity.

That turns my attention to the topic of longevity in consumerism. If you’re pockets are bottomless, then sure you can afford to make that brash purchase anytime but most have to be exacting with their style, and in the long run, while trends are grand, knowing what works for you and your body type is grander. This week in the column we touch on some of the local options that you can dress up, down, and all around for sustained use in your closet from one season to the next.

1. Bold and Funky Prints. Bold prints are hard to conquer because they stick out in one’s mind and you may feel you have to stretch out it’s wear with time. I love this painterly two-piece short set from Coochi-Anna for two reasons: 1.) It’s bright and lovely and fits the cool artistic trend for Spring 2014 2.) It’s like two outfits in one. With a bold two-piece you can switch it up. Wear them together as a set or wear just the top with a sexy chiffon maxi skirt and the bottom another day as a casual look with a tank and sandals. With a one piece bold dress, like this 80s-inspired bodycon dress from Grandeur Femme, recycling may require some creativity.  Dress it up with some funky bright heels or take it down a notch by throwing over a mesh top or sweatshirt.


Local Wears (L- Yahdie Conscious bralette, R- Peace-Is of Bianca)

2. Bralettes and Investment Jewellery. Local maker Yahdie Conscious knows that a good bralette can be very versatile. These two African print styles can be work with shorts, skirts, under sexy tops, jackets, blazers and with jeans. This isn’t a look for super curvy women unless you balance the top with a high waisted skirt. If you’re baring naval, just make sure you have that flat belly to finish off the look. When it come to jewellery, statement jewellery is one thing, but investment jewellery you can have your whole life. When a piece is as well made as this Peace-is of Bianca necklace then you don’t stress about how often or how many seasons you wear it, you wear it until you’re old and wrinkly.


Floral Crop Tops (L-R Alter Ego )

3. Floral Crop Tops. Floral crop tops are not seasonal when you live in the Caribbean. If you like to wear vintage, demure or funky styles, then floral crop tops are a staple. Something sweet to have for a weekend adventure or to dress up with a full skirt.


Fringe Tops (L – Club Intuition R- Bag Lady by Ms. Jaye)

4. Fringe tops. Fringe is really big for the Spring 2014 season, fringe skirts, pants, jackets and shirts. A good way of adopting a seasonal trend is by trying it out in simple form. We made a fringe top ourselves last season and are still finding new ways to wear it– from bohemian to punk. Club Intuition has a modern looking style with fringe tassels while Bag Lady by Ms. Jaye plays with the more punk/dancehall version in her design.


Unique peplums (Mamayashi Collection)

5. Unique Peplums. If you’re an earthy mama and like to stay on trend then Mamayashi’s unique peplums are a perfect wear for the Spring season. I’m not a big fan of peplums because they don’t fit my personal style, but there is no doubting that peplums look fabulous on many others and keeping the trend fresh and unique is always a way to keep yourself looking the same.


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