2014 New Years Style Resolutions from Ayanna Dixon, Erica Campbell, Jason Panton and KS!

Jason Panton, James Black and Ayanna Dixon share their New Years Style Resolutions.

Jason Panton, James Black and Ayanna Dixon share their New Years Style Resolutions.

It’s mid-January so you should have a pretty good idea of what your New Years resolution is by now. Maybe it’s to work out more, eat more healthy, do more charity work or watch less television. Those are all great things, and we wish you luck with them but lets get down to the serious matter. What is you New Years Style Resolution? It’s never to late to come up with one (we say you have all of January to get those resolutions in order), but you should definitely consider what is that new sense of style that you want to project into the world for 2014. We asked a few of our local store owners, fashion designers and bloggers to share what their style resolutions are for 2014. Hopefully that will spur you into some style inspiration. As for us? Our biggest style resolution for 2014 is to write, read and snap more style then we ever have before.

“My style resolution for 2014 is to incorporate more locally-made/Caribbean-made designs into my wardrobe. I have been eyeing a number of local/Caribbean fashion designers whose pieces I’d love to wear, whether in accessories or clothing. Some of these designers include Peace-is-of-Bianca and Yahdie Conscious (from Jamaica) and Cocoa Vintage, Koko Karibi Designs, J. Angelique Clothing (all from Trinidad and Tobago.)”

– Carey-Lee Dixon, Editor of Exclusive Umpf!


“My New Years Resolution is to dress up more for work, which though it sounds easy, it means that I cant hit snooze for those 2 extra minutes in the morning. SO the plan it to always have nice hair, make up, shoes, jewelry and outfit every single work day…the struggle is real – I miss the snooze button and I’m just a couple days in.”

– Ayanna Dixon, Designer of ASD Clothing


“My style resolution for 2014 is to experiment more with colors, wear less black: Reds, blues and oranges. I love head to toe bright colored suits so I’ll be testing that trend out in 2014.”

– Jami Spence, Designer of Yahdie Conscious


“What I’m doing (which I actually started in November) is clearing about half or more of my closet, donating it to charity and adding new pieces as I haven’t really shopped in a while. I like to do a closet cleanse every year. My style is very flexible, but for the most part it’s a combination of Bohemian/Afrocentric, boyish chic and vintage sophistication, so more of those will be added. I live for prints and colours, so I tend to keep the lines and silhouettes pretty clean. Oh! I’m definitely expanding my lip colour collection this year and I’m really excited about that. I’m also supporting more local brands this year.”

– Tameka Coley, Makeup Artist and Kingstonstyle Contributor


“Wear more prints and less matching. And buy every shoe from Sawa Shoes.┬áTheir made in Africa and super fressshhhhhh.”

– Jason Panton, Owner of Base Kingston & Belle


“My style resolution is to dress up a bit more this year. Sometimes I am so busy that I don’t have time to plan out my wardrobe so it’s a “grab and go” thing. But I plan to take my time this year to plan out outfits for each day.”

-Erica Campbell, Owner of Style Savvy

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