Style Selec’tings: Go Local this Holiday with Gifts from Jae Jolly, Some like it Vintage, Peace-Is & More!

Style Selec'tings

Style Selec’tings Christmas Edition

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” Kingstonstyle’s Fashion Editor, E. Hansen-McKnight, scours the web to give you the week’s best in clothing and accessories from web-savvy Jamaican stores and designers.

If you haven’t gotten your Christmas presents by now, well, you may want to look up the word “procrastination” in the dictionary and see how well that describes your movements. If the bad news is that you may be a little stressed to get those final pieces, the good news is that there are still a lot of options out there, plus lots of new stock rolling in by the minute. Tic-tock, tic-tock little fashionistas. It’s time to get to it.

In this week’s column we give you some options to get you started with a wish list of items that we think would look great in a box with a big ol’ bow on it and great on our friends and family. There are also plenty of last minute opportunities to grab that perfect item with Sip & Shop at South Beach Cafe (Saturday), the Market on the Lawn (Sunday),  the pop up at Bin 26 Wine Bar (Sunday) or the Swiss Store shopping experience (Sunday). So in between your holiday parties this weekend be sure to hit the streets and touch down at one of these local shopping pop ups to support your local retailers.

That being said, the local stores have really pushed themselves this year to get new stock out there and local designers have been inviting you for weeks to order your custom made pieces. Our local fashion industry is a buzz trying to get you something unique. We chose some of the pieces that we are loving right about now and listed them for you (in no particular order) as Christmas gift potentials for your loved ones.


1. Plaid Pant and Shirt Set from Some like it Vintage. For the funky cousin who is always hitting up the thrift stores when she’s in farin.

Some Like It Vintage

Some Like It Vintage Plaid two-piece set.


2. Peace-Is of Bianca Earrings. For your elegant mother who loves things that shimmer and shine. She deserves it, doesn’t she? She has been looking after you your whole life.

Peace-Is of Bianca

Peace-Is of Bianca Earrings.


3. Jae Jolly “Sea Cucumber” two-piece mini bikini. It’s hard to look at this swimsuit and not want to keep it for yourself, isn’t it? Maybe ask your man if he’ll get you this for Christmas and then it’s a win-win for both of you.

Jae Jolly Bikini

Jae Jolly “Sea Cucumber” Bikini.


4. Retro Beetle Juice Black & White Stripe Suit from Bay Lady by Ms. Jaye. For that cool friend who has the not-so-corporate media job dealing with musicians, artists and producers.

Bag Lady by Ms. Jaye

Bag Lady by Ms. Jaye striped suit.


5. NYX Matte Merlot Lipstick from Significant Details. If you got a hip grandma, which some of you probably do, she might get a kick out of this trendy NYX Matte Merlot lipstick.

NYX Merlot Lipstick

NYX Merlot Lipstick


6. Yahdie Conscious Sweatshirt. For your almost-hipper-than-you little brother…. this might put him over the top.

Yahdie Conscious

Yahdie Conscious men’s sweatshirt.

7. The Flowerchild 1999 White Jumper. You’re best friend will love you if you get this for her for Christmas. Trust us. Plus, we love how designer Kaysian Bourke styled it with a pink beret. Sistrens unite!

Flowerchild 1999

Flowerchild 1999 white jumper.

9. The Chain Link Bomber Jacket from White Fur. Your older sister is young at heart and always will be. Plus she knows how to rock a fresh look. She’ll love you for this one.

White Fur Bomber

White Fur Bomber.

7. Men’s Massiv x Major Lazer tee at Base Kingston. “Hey Dad, do you know about Major Lazer? No?” Dad instantly becomes much cooler then the the other dad’s he hangs out with when sporting this “No Bad Mind” tee.

Base Kingston x Massiv x Major Lazer Collab tee.

Base Kingston x Massiv x Major Lazer Collab tee.


10. Mac Divine Night Holiday Collection at M.A.C. in Liguanea. M.A.C. isn’t really a local company but they are local retailers so we added them to the list. Any of these pieces from the Divine night Holiday Collection are awesome and your little sister–who is currently obsessed with makeup trends– will absolutely love anything from it.

M.A.C. Divine

M.A.C. Divine Night Holiday Collection




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