Style Selec’tings: Sequins, Vivid Colours and Cat-Print Madness


(L) Club Intuition (R) Style Savvy

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” Kingstonstyle’s Fashion Editor, E. Hansen-McKnight, scours the web to give you the week’s best in clothing and accessories from web-savvy Jamaican stores and designers.

Happy Friday everyone! We’re glad to be back doing Style Selec’tings after a brief hiatus last week. We had our hands a little full (of clothing) preparing for a last minute shoot–If you haven’t checked out our styling with songstress Nyla, here’s the link to the behind the scenes shots– but we’re back on our game now. In this week’s column we play with colourful celestial fabrics, sequin ensembles and animal prints and textures.

The celestial print trend has had quite a moment over the last year. Thanks to the improvements to high quality fabric printing in the last five years, this print’s vivid colours have solidified it as a major trend of 2013. Club Intuition combines galaxy print this week in a midi dress style with equally vivid pumps in shades of purple and magenta. The Club Intuition look is doubly trendy because of its combination of both the galaxy print trend and the midi dress trend consuming our Instagram feed. The always stylish Style Savvy has a lovely midi dress look in an artistic brush print– one of the major trends for S/S2014. We couldn’t help but linger on the vivid print theme of this Giirli Gurlz two piece with Brazilian “barely-there” bottoms.


Giirli Gurlz swim

Rawrrrrrr! Cat prints, cheetah prints, tigers and other furry friends definitely dominated our bloglines this week with The Wardrobe and Coochi Anna’s bringing more literal cat prints in sweater and marina form, while stores like Style Savvy and Flirt Boutique continued the heavy animal print theme in a more traditional style in maxi dress and skirt form. We loved the animal fur look from White Fur–note animal themed name– who stocks a few furry vests beautifully balanced with leather detailing.


Cat prints from the Wardrobe


(L) Coochi Anna’s (R) White Fur

Alas, we were bound to see an animal print come to fruition in sequins and who better to model it then Miss Jamaica Universe Kerry Baylis who was snapped wearing this snug little number at Flirt Boutique. Oh the lovely sequins. Yes, sequins, which we are absolutely experimenting with right now in the shape of skirts and sweaters. We adored this vintage(inspired) Coohi Anna two piece sequin number and this vintage(actual) sequin dress from White Fur. With the Christmas holiday approaching we are flirting with sequins as a go-to Winter trend.


Flirt Boutique


(L) White Fur (R) Coochi Anna’s

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