Style Selec’tings: Tidbits from Style Savvy, The Wardrobe, Jae Jolly and More!


(L) New from Jae Jolly (R) Style Savvy

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” we scour the web for the week’s best in clothing and accessories from Jamaican stores and designers. This week on Style Selec’tings we give you a hodge podge of styles from your local retailers and designers from the newest creations to the newest in stock, whether a teeny tiny swimsuit or dark fall silhouette, we have you covered.

We begin with the latest from Jae Jolly who has been fairly quiet since the release of her summer “Ocean Floor” collection. Last week during Kingston Bridal Week the designer posted a beautiful white ensemble with a peek-a-boo back, one of her newest creations and a new addition to her showroom. We also saw her pieces on the runway and the addition of this new piece (pictured above) which we love. Turning your head now to a fresh fall look from Style Savvy with this black leather skirt and grey t-shirt, matched with plum red shoes. Plum red is a big colour for fall and we are loving how the colour was combined with this look.


(L) Giirli Gurlz pieces now in stock (R) 80s Baby by Ms. Jaye

The swimwear line Giirli Gurlz has a few new styles in stock for the coming Holiday season. We are loving the design of the ombre blue one-piece and cropped two-piece swimsuits, very sporty and on trend for the coming season. Soho Boutique plays with sport styles as well with this striped black pants ensemble in a relaxed fit. Continuing with the Camouflage trend from last season– because Camo is not going anywhere anytime soon– The Wardrobe has this lovely number in a low-high skirt version. Paired with a washed out crop top, we are loving this urban look and think it would go great with a chunky shoe or boot. To contrast these fall coulour schemes we are loving this colourfully printed two-piece skirt and top from 80s Baby by Ms. Jaye at Alter Ego.

We are big proponents of plaid shirts and when paired with a very playful bandeau and stone-washed denim combo, it adds a new flavour to your summer garbs. Peep this example look from The Wardrobe. It feels very Rhianna-esque to us. You can pair these looks with a multitude of accessories from your local retailers, like this plum lipstick from Significant Details –which also goes nicely with a Jae Jolly swim top– or any one of these bags from Soho Boutique. Add some flavour with a pair of sky high modern shoes from Club Intuition (we love the cutaway details on the heel!) With so many options, including word that Flirt Boutique has new stock, you have tons to look forward to before the weekend’s even begun.


(L) A Soho Boutique look (R) A look from the Wardrobe


A look from the Wardrobe.


(L) Jae Jolly and Swizzbeads (R) Significant Details


Accessories from Soho Boutique.


Shoes available at Club Intuition.


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