Insta-Hit: The Artisitic Talent of Jamaican Creatives


Songstress Sezi captures a photo of her tailor in Africa.

It’s no mystery why Instagram has become a huge part of our social media lifestyle (follow us at @kingstonstyle and we’ll hit you back). Afterall, we are a website that takes pride in showing the best in Jamaica’s street fashion through photography. As you could imagine we also have our own fascination with following Jamaica’s fashion elite, musically inclined, production movers and shakers, retail kings and queens and other fabulous bloggers.

Jamaicans are a culturally rich people.  The world is enthralled by our music, art and style, and that has value. Let me give you the perfect example. This week we saw an amazing feat from our own Tessanne Chin who wowed the judges of The Voice and won their hearts with her talent, as every judge pushed the buzzer and blindly turned their chair, impressed by the sweet molasses sound seeping into their ears. One judge exclaimed her voice could easily win the race and sited reggae as one of the biggest influences on his music.

In many ways Kingstonstyle was started as a project that focused on street style trends, but it’s evolved into an effort to export Jamaican talent into the hands of the global community. We want to give people the opportunity to find potential in Jamaican seamstresses, designers, makeup artists and models– much like the Jamaican film industry does. This week’s Insta-Hit is a snap shot of some of the creative talent we have coming out of Jamaica right now. From the African designs being created by Trini-Jamaican songstress @Seziyesi and the craft and energy of @PeaceIsofBianca jewellery and furniture designs, to the exacting details of Slovakian-Jamaican designer @Lubicafashion‘s crotched and pearled appended collection and the unique and creative vision of Rastafarianism in @Mamayashi‘s designs, these are beautiful elements from Jamaica’s own creatives.

It’s too often that we forget that beauty comes from a place not just on the surface but from the artistic insides of a creative talent. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, people are influenced by the beauty of the artistically progressive and it’s great to see a creative like Tessanne Chin finally being realized for the beauty she is on an international level. We only wish we could see more of our talents dreams actualized on a global platform.


Designs curated by Songstress Sezi.


Cutting pieces for the Peace is of Bianca OM collection.


The design process for Peace Is of Bianca’s OM collection.


Mamayashi models hermix patterned zipper design.


Mamayashi in the garden in her own design.


Intricate designs from Lubica’s newest collection.


Pearl detailing from Lubica’s collection.

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