Streetwear Brand 10.Deep does Kingston Capsule Collection


American streetwear label 10.Deep has created a collection of tees using images from Kingston as the focus. Entitled High Rollers, the summer capsule collection highlights the photographs from Serbian street photographer “Boogie” who travelled to Jamaica in 2011 and met up with a few bad men in their element. While Boogie notes in his summary of the collection (in the video below) that Kingston isn’t quite the sandy beaches and palm trees he expected, we’re not exactly convinced by his example of Kingston either. The shirts focus on the most gritty elements of Kingston culture– something you may find similarly in say…Compton LA– but in light of the imagery his aesthetic accurately fits the depravity the streetwear label tried to capture.

Kingstonstyle_boogie2 Kingstonstyle_boogie

10.DEEP x BOOGIE from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

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