Champion Bubbla: Super Cat’s “Ghetto Red Hot” Hat Style and Jacket Game

Vintage style weighs heavy on our minds when we look at contemporary trends. Especially throwbacks from dancehall and reggae greats, like Shabba’s gold rings, Patra’s long braids, Super Cat’s hat game and Carlene the Dancehall Queen’s…everything. These are the elements of Jamaican style that never die. In our newest column Champion Bubbla we celebrate the looks of the past and the everlasting influence they had on the future.

This week we watched Super Cat’s video for “Ghetto Red Hot” circa 1992 and the emergence of hat trends during the 90s heyday of dancehall and hip hop. In this video, shot between New York and Kingston, we see a multitude of hat gear from Super Cat and his crew in short brim bowlers, Kente cloth hats, bucket hats, Kangol and leather baseball caps. Not to be overlooked are a few key styled looks from the video vixen in a polka-dot romper and the oversized Carhartt jacket with corduroy collar, which are making their resurgence on the streets of New York now.

From trendy hats to the circular sunglasses and the denim jackets, the video for “Ghetto Red Hot” reveals more then a few trends that we’re seeing as of late in the global fashion sphere. Watch the video and pause on the grainy images of the enormous medallion ring, the leather button down and so, so much more.

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