Style Selec’tings: YC gives a Sneak Peek, Plus Flirty Dresses and Fun Looks Galore!


James Black pictured in her new summer collection dress with model Gabrielle Davis in Flowerchild 1999 collection ensemble.

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” we scour the web for the week’s best in clothing and accessories from Jamaican stores and designers. Today we grazed the internet on a quest to find fun and flirty dresses. Summer is a great time to show off some skin and we spotted some lovely curve hugging dresses from your local retailers and designers.

Lets begin by talking about what’s new in the designer world of dresses as we are pleased to get a sneak peak at what Designer James Black from Yahdie Conscious has planned for her soon to be unveiled summer collection entitled Murdah She Wrote. She sported her own bright and curvy design to CFW 2013 and is picture here with model Gabrielle Davis in the beloved Flowerchild 1999 collection swimsuit. We can’t wait to see what else this young creative will give us next month when the collection is released as we are already pining for this maxi print dress in greens and yellows.


Playful Grandeur Dresses in Stock

Grandeur Femme just stocked quite a collection of fun prom dresses for ladies who love to play dress up. We particularly loved the lacy peplum in black–so very chic– and this 80’s Pretty in Pink meets Cyndi Lauper dress from Betsey Johnson. (And Twirl!) All of these are, as always, for a reasonable price, just as Grandeur likes to keep it.


(L) The Wardrobe (R) Some Like it Vintage

If you want a little more of a casual Soho style, Some Like it Vintage has this Dashiki-style dress in white– very trendy this summer– and the Wardrobe keeps it light and sweet in this blush-coloured skater skirt with black bralette top. Style Saavy is lady like and floral with these two form-fitting pieces (pictured below). Great for a day to night look. Just swap flats for heels. Or don’t. Mix it up and swap in some oxfords! Designer Jae Jolly brings her sexy dresses to the table with these two options in either lime green or cheetah print just in time for the weekend. And she’ll ship abroad if you inquire! We’ll take both please (big grin).


Floral Style Saavy Dresses in Stock.


Two (too) sexy Jae Jolly Dresses


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