Preview the 2013 Lubica Collection from Fashion Art Toronto


Lubica at her show in Toronto. Photo courtesy of Don Guthier

Our very own Slovakian/Jamaican Lubica Slovak made her way to Canada last week for Fashion Art Toronto to show her 2013 collection in the alternative fashion week show. Snapshots from the show were posted online yesterday, giving us a preview of her 2013 collection that we anticipate will be revealed in more detail at the Collection Moda show in early June. * (Ed Note)

The preview showed us an array of very summer friendly swimwear pieces in peppy polkadots, beaded embroidery and sexy lace and mesh detailing. Lubica may also have a few body suits up her sleeve too, a style that could possibly derive from the strong Dancehall influence of her life in Jamaica. While the popular designer slowly turns the heat up in preparation for a preview in Jamaica–another fashion film in the works possibly??– a full collection has not been revealed as yet. In the meantime we’ll just have to be patient as we wait to see what else Lubica has in store this spring/summer season as Jamaica’s own fashion season kicks off.


* (Ed Note) Update: Lubica informed us that she will have a very different collection showing at The Collection Moda in July! A very exciting detail. We are looking forward to seeing what her new pieces will be at TCM.

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