Style Selec’tings: Prep for Fete


Coulourful Alter Ego Shorts

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” we scour the web for the week’s best in clothing and accessories from Jamaican stores and designers. While last week we were traveling and unable to post our usual column this Monday we picked a few looks in preparation for Fete season so you can jump and look good doing it.


(L) Ganzi printed crop top (R) Alter Ego printed dress. 


This week we created a collage of patterned party tops and dresses, crop tops and bralettes, all-the-way-up-to-there short shorts, and heavy necklaces for you to get in the fete mood this season. Style Saavy has a new batch of dip-dyed and patterned shorts for you to show off some thigh and an array of heavy necklaces to make a statement around your neck. Jamaican clothing company, Ganzi, has a colourful crop top for showing a little midriff and Grandeur has an assortment of bralettes to show a lot of midriff. Alter Ego has a new batch of cute shorter than short dresses. So look around, play it up and get that jump on!


Bralettes at Grandeur.


Necklaces at Style Saavy.


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