Style Selec’tings: It’s Carnival Season! Carnival Makeup and more


Smashbox Cosmetics available at Face Forward Cosmetics

Every Friday in our column “Style Selec’tings” we scour the web for the week’s best in clothing and accessories from Jamaican stores and designers. This week we picked a few cosmetics and concepts in preparation for Carnival season.

On the internet this week we have been noticing more and more makeup options and concepts for Carnival 2013. The best thing about Carnival makeup is that you can really take it to the limit with gems, eyelash extensions and bright colours. Just playing around with all the options is exciting. Local businesses are preparing and have started stocking up. Take a look at some of the makeup and makeup concepts available to you and the makeup artistes who can help you obtain that look.


Make-up Delights at the Beauty Spot carries Whisper by Maybelline.

Make-Up Delights at the Beauty Spot has Color Whisper from Maybelline, a candy colour array of lip colours, on the shelf and coming up in March they will be doing an 8-week course teaching you how to apply makeup professionally. Check their site for more information on how to sign up.


Mac Make-up concepts from in store stylists.

The Mac store in Sovereign Center has a wide range of color to work with and they have technicians on staff to help you achieve that desired Carnival look. Significant Details located on Trafalgar also has some playful options available with various eyelash extensions in electric colours and eyeliner designs for those who want a look that stands out in a crowd.


Significant Details is carrying last extensions and eye designs.


Makeup Artist Loni Jones recommends Urban Decay All-Nighter to keep that makeup from running.

Local Make-Up Artist Loni Jones recommends using Urban Decay’s All-Nighter to keep that makeup looking fresh and new. If it works in the club then it should work when you’re out there jumping. Chic Image Consulting also gave some recommendations by showing off their work matched with Carnival outfits. Lastly we are loving this bright neon concept previewed on Sasha Cosmetics. Visit their Facebook to see where these colours are stocked. Now enjoy and most of all have fun!


Makeup concepts from Chic Image Consultancy.


Colourful Makeup Concept from Sasha Cosmetics.

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